Our School Logo & Motto - Kianda School

The Logo has three main symbols:

A PALM TREE: symbolizes Tropical Africa.

 A DEEP VALLEY: The name Kianda stems from a number of Bantu languages and it means a valley: a deep, fertile valley, where everything that is planted grows and flourishes.

 A GLOWING FIRE: The fire on the logo symbolizes   the hearth – a central place in the home from which warmth emanates, spreading to everyone around it. The hearth here symbolizes the woman in the home and in society – serving, and giving a feminine, motherly touch to all honest human activities around her. That is one of the noble aspirations of everyone in Kianda.

IN OPERE ET VERITATE (In Deed and in Truth): The school motto is inspired by the words of St. Josemaria Escriva: “It is within Christianity that we find the good light that will enable us to answer all problems: all you have to do is to strive sincerely to be Christians, non verbo neque lingua, sed opera et veritate (1 John 3: 18), not with words or with the tongue, but with works and in truth.” (Friends of God, 171).

The purpose of the motto is to serve as a permanent challenge to Kianda students; it helps them to remember to sanctify their work and to make an effort to live the virtues of a Christian life.