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Update – Kianda Swimming Pool construction

The progress on the Kianda pool construction had slowed down a bit because of some necessary additional foundational restructuring that had to be done, and delay in the supply of some building materials. Hence the completion date which was originally set for July this year had to be postponed. While the contractor is optimistic that the pool will be ready before the end of the year, the School is quite certain that our students will start using it in Term 1, 2018.
So far the changing rooms are almost complete; the showers, toilets and wash-hand basins etc have been installed. The entire place is well-lit and ventilated; in fact the place looks very attractive, as you can see in the attached photos which were taken during a recent site visit made by the Parents Technical team with the engineer and architect. Judging by the expressions on the faces of some members of the team who appear in the photos – Milka Njiraini, Mr. Agnelo Fernandes and Miss Chus Munoz, things seem satisfactory.
The pool itself is yet to have the tiles installed. The wall of the pool ‘bucket’ has been cemented and the builder is testing these for possible leakages. The accompanying photos show the pool being filled up – (a very slow process due the shortage of water supply!!). The surrounding pavement and embankment is almost finished.
We are looking for suitable screening around the pool for the side adjacent to the neighbouring residential estate which appears in one of the photos. Practical suggestions are most welcome.
The School once again extends its gratitude to the Steering Committee, the Parents Technical Team and all the parents and donors who helped make the Kianda swimming pool a reality.

Payments are being made in the following ways:

  1. By School M-Pesa pay bill No. 657081 Account No. Swimming pool and Class ( e.g. Swimming Pool – Class 2T)
  2. By Cheque to Kianda School (indicate at the back of the cheque Swimming Pool and Class)
  3. Deposit to CFC Stabic Bank.

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