Fees - Kianda School

Fees Structure 2018 Term I

The School Fees are payable two weeks before opening date. Acceptance fee for Form 1 and new students is Kshs. 25,000 and it’s non-refundable.


Tuition Fees Inclusive of Lunch

Tuition Fees only

Grade. 1



Std. 2,3 & 4



Std. 5



Std. 6



Std. 7 & 8



Other Charges include.

  • Parent activities.
  • Student insurance.
  • Uniform for Grade. 1 and Std.5

Mode for Paying Fees

  • Payment can be made in cash to Wabera Street or Westlands Branch of Commercial Bank of Africa. A slip confirming this needs to be presented to the Accounts Office one day before school opens.
  • Transfer of money from your account to the school account transacted by your bank manager. You will need to present a debit slip to the Accounts Office a day before school opens.
  • Banker’s cheque or company cheque can be received at the school accounts office at least one day before school opens.
  • Kianda School Account:-
    Name: Kianda Foundation Trust
    A/C No: 643 435 0018
    Bank: Commercial Bank of Africa
    (Wabera Street or Westlands Branch)
  • Payment of fees can also be made through MPESA paybill number: 34104

School Fees Benefit

If a parent has more than one child in the school:

  • 1st child pays full fees.
  • 2nd pays 75% of all fee items.
  • 3rd child pays 50% of all fee items.
  • 4th child onwards, free.

Transport routes and cost