Trips - Kianda School

The Standard Two Outing to The Animal Orphanage

Corinne Wanjiku shares her impression.
We went to the animal orphanage. we were very excited. We ate our break after that we went on to sing songs. after that we went to see the animals. we saw the African Crowned Crane, a striped and spotted Hyena we saw many African Lions. We saw a Leopard we saw a Cheetah and after that we went to have our lunch. We saw two baboons try to enter the wrong place. We had to sit in the hot bus for ten minutes. We sang again and we played relay before returning to school.
By Corinne Wanjiku

Standard 1 Outing
Standard I had their first school outing on 19th January when the children were given a trip to Mamba Village to help them bond with their teachers and classmates. The event was a great success. There were six fun activities: boat-riding, merry-go- round, trampoline, bouncing castle, camel & horse riding. At the end of the trip Wambui Ndonga exclaimed; “the trampoline was the best!”
By Mrs Albina Kamau

Horse Riding
Boat Riding

STD 4 Trip

When I heard mummy switch on my bedroom lights, I quickly jumped out of my bed full of excitement. I could not contain my joy and so I prepared myself very quickly, and dressed up in my Pink jeans and pink top. I rushed to the kitchen to pack my snacks for the day. We arrived in school in time for the classes to begin.”

The Std. 4s went for a trip to Stedmak in Karen. This was an exciting venture for the girls because they learnt numerous facts about birds and animals. They were able to see the different birds, Fish, Snakes and chameleons. “We saw the king cobra!” one of the girls exclaimed. “I touched the Chameleon!” another girl shouted.

To crown the day, the girls were given a chance to have fun activities like boat riding and swimming. “We enjoyed ourselves!” they said.