Overview - Kianda School

In its performance in the Kenya Secondary School Certificate Examination (KCSE), Kianda has ranked amongst the top ten private schools for several years. As a newspaper described it, Kianda is one of the ‘perennial top performers’ in KCSE.

This achievement is primarily due to the hard work and dedication of the teachers and the supporting staff. Each member of staff takes pride and joy in helping each student to do her best inspired by the spirit of Opus Dei which underlines everything that is carried out in the School. Opus Dei’s mission is to spread the universal call to personal sanctity through one’s work, doing it as best as one possibly can, doing it for the glory of God and for the good of humankind. The staff draw great satisfaction in knowing that they are playing an important role not only in training future professionals, but also in molding the personalities of those who will in turn influence society for the better. The commitment of the teachers transpires to the students who in turn respond to the interest and encouragement shown them by the teachers by working hard.