Activities and Contests - Kianda School

Open House
On Saturday 23rd September 2017, the school organized an open house where prospective parents got to know more about what Kianda School has to offer. The event was organized by Miss Yvette Odero, the Admissions Secretary.

Among the presenters were four alumni who spoke about how their being in Kianda has helped them in university to stand out from the crowd.
Pascalia Likalamu of the class of 2009 is a doctor. Chadni Patel, class of 2014 and is studying Medicine at the University of Nairobi, said that she often found refuge in the Chapel or by talking to her tutor when things were tough. Diana Odiambo who is a B.Com student at Strathmore University mentioned how the Scholarship system helped her to be where she is now. She managed to get into Strathmore due to her good performance in Form 4. She is also on Scholarship in Strathmore University.
Finally Aaliyah Iqbal, class of 2016 spoke about the challenges of Boarding schools compared to a day school. She had experienced both sides and we found her a better person to express how she found it.
To end the question and answer session, Mrs. Kabbis, mother to Lauryn in 8T, stood up and praised the all-round formation in Kianda. She has been a parent her for the last 8 years and is very happy with the education that her daughter Lauryn has got. She would like her daughter to continue in Form one in Kianda.
Finally the parents were taken on a tour of the High School building after some refreshments.

By Miss Caroline Kabuchoru




Career Day at Kianda School
Every year we hold a Career day in the School. On 30th September we organized yet again a career day for form four students to facilitate their academic pursuit and potential professional endeavors in the future.
The day was enlightening for our students as they learnt what programmes various universities offer. The universities invited where, Daystar, Strathmore, Tangaza College, among others.