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Annual Inter-House Trivia


Every year, the Secondary School has an inter-house Trivia where the different houses compete against each other in academic topics in an enjoyable manner which makes learning exciting. This year, the Trivia was held on Friday 26th May 2017. The participants of the Triva were selected by the house captains and assistants a few weeks before the competition. Not only was the house represented, but also every Form was represented in the Trivia. There were different participants for every category, giving a wider participation to more students. The whole idea was to encourage teamwork amongst the different classes.

This was clearly manifested on the actual day.On the day of the Trivia, all the students and staff were in the hall in the afternoon. Then each team was asked a set of questions ranging from the compulsory subjects taught in school to optional subjects and also general knowledge.

The trivia was an opportunity for the students to work together as a team to achieve a  common goal. At the end of the day, Red House took the crown with the highest points. Jubilation filled the air as the red house members cheered their win. It was a fruitful learning experience.

By Joy Njeru – Form 3S

Photos courtesy of Amanda Achola and Tessy Wachira