Community Service - Kianda School

My Social Work Experience

I was among the 27 students chosen to represent Kianda School in “Kitui Season 4” Social Work Project. Kianda School has done social work in Kitui for the last 4 years. It provides us with an opportunity to give back to the community.
On 18th April we set out for Kitui  in the school bus. The journey was tiring and the weather hot, but we received such a warm welcome from the Standard 6, 7 and 8 students at Wanzua Primary School that we soon forgot it.  We gave out the textbooks and food stuffs and saw the smiles on the children’s faces on receiving so many textbooks. It was a solution to one of their study challenges.   “One textbook is shared among ten pupils,” the Head Teacher told us. She was delighted to get the books.
The following day we commenced teaching. Jayne, Enede, Abi, Elizabeth and I taught Class 5. We learned to appreciate people, and to recognize the blessings we have.  Sometimes we complain when our parents don’t allow us to watch TV or when they don’t pack the kind of break we like. We shouldn’t take school for granted. Many young people have to drop out of school for lack of school fees.  It taught me to be more responsible

By Mary Immaculate Kiio
Form 3

Class 6: A more-than-teaching experience

Kianda turns 40 this year, and we had a week of Social Work in Kitui as a way of living the theme of ‘Kianda giving’.  “Kitui Season Four” was one of the best ways to give back to society.  After short-listing by the Coordinator of the Kianda-Wanzua Programme, the selected students came to school for five days in April, to prepare for the Social Work.
We sorted out books and food stuffs, as well as shoes and clothes according to age and size, to be given to the students of Wanzua Primary.  We also worked on our lesson plans and workbooks for the children.
At Wanzua we were warmly welcomed on arrival with dances and songs from Standard 7 and 8 boys and girls.That day we gave out the books, while at the same time making friends.
The next day we were shown the classes in which we were going to teach.  Mine was Class 6. It was quite a challenge to teach in Kiswahili. The poor conditions of the school and the eagerness of the children made us appreciate our teachers more and the education we receive in Kianda. We taught them our games and they also taught us their games.
Every day the students brought us avocados, guavas, cassavas, sugarcane, etc. for break. This manifestation of generosity, especially from people who have so very little was a lesson for us. We formed strong bonds with the children and it was very hard for us to leave them.
The positivity of these pupils made me reflect on our lives. “Kitui Season Four” was really a life-changing experience for us to realize how blessed we are.

By Hope Mwangi
Form 3K

Getting Ready
Time to leave
Here are some books for you
Time to get-together
Let's begin
What is the answer?
As we were saying.....
Out on excursion
Time to unwind
Welome to Kitui
Time to unwind
Kitui here we come