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Form 4 seminar 2018

Form Four Seminar

More often than not class seminars are taken to be a ‘free pass’ from lessons and the stress of school. It is therefore not surprising that most people don’t take them seriously. However for the first time, I saw everyone in my class actually taking it seriously.

The first day of the seminar began with a talk on “the inner ring…….to be in or not to be in?” What we learned from this talk is that cliques may not be bad if it is just a group of friends who come together because of common interest and not because they wish to exclude everyone else.

The next talk was about fashion. The speaker was extremely enthusiastic and clearly passionate about clothes, we got amazing tips on how to dress our body type in a decent but stylish way.

Our final talk was on Theology of the Body and let’s just say it was an eye opener. We watched an inspiring movie called “Unconditional” that taught us regardless of your background, you are defined by the choice you make and all in all everyone deserves unconditional love.

On our last day we visited a children’s home in Tigoni where they took us to a simple kindergarten. There we played with them all manner of games and reminded ourselves of what it was like to be a child. At lunch time we managed to turn our simple packed lunch into a feast for many people.

Lastly we went to visit homes of some of their parents and that is where reality struck. The home that my group went to visit had seven children, their home is about the size of my tiny bedroom and this is where all of them eat and sleep. The mother works from to and earns a meagre wage of Kshs. 7.00 for every 1kg of tea leaves picked. She was brought to tears when we gave her food and clothes for her family. As we left I couldn’t help but smile knowing that at least we had made a difference in her life and the lives of the children we were with. At the same time I wondered if this is all we can really do for them.
By: Annette Muindi 4K