Sports - Kianda School

The school offers sports such as racquet games, basketball, swimming, field hockey, athletics and tae-kwondo. There are facilities for these activities.

Kianda Family Sports Day

The long awaited ‘Kianda Family’ sports day finally took place on 24th June 2017.  It was a joy to have the Kianda fraternity participate in the competitions. The day was marked with lots of fun as many Parents, staff members and students participated in the races.  The most thrilling race was the staff relay with the housekeeping department scoping most of the certificates.  There were also many races for parents and a very exciting family race where dad, mum and children all participated.  We also had races for brothers and sisters of the students.

Greenhouse carried the day taking home a trophy donated  by the family of Mr. Maina Muturi in honor of the late Mr. Anthony Mathenge, who passed away on Friday 16th June.  Mr. Mathenge was the father of Natasha in Form 4K and Tamara in Std 7P.  Both Natasha and Tamara are in greenhouse.

Have a look at the photo gallery below.