Sports - Kianda School

The school offers sports such as racquet games, basketball, swimming, field hockey, athletics and tae-kwondo. There are facilities for these activities.

Hockey Team

This year’s hockey league matches were more challenging than before. This was because the arrangement of pools had been changed in such a way that schools from the same division competed against each other during the first round, as opposed to before when schools in the same county competed. The winners then proceed to the sub-county level, and then to nationals.

The Kianda Hockey team was very excited to compete. The Kianda girl is known for her despicable behavior, and even on the field, she is aggressive without being arrogant. This was evident during the match.

‘We played just as vigorously as the other teams from our first match with Kenya Girls High school to our last match with Hillcrest which unfortunately knocked us out of the race to nationals. I can say that our team played with determination resilience and intensity.

I would like to thank the sports department for the new hockey uniform. I would like to appreciate our good coach Nelly, without whom we would not to have gotten this far, the sports department and the entire team for teamwork.

As a captain I have learned how to respect the game and to always be humble when defeated. I am very proud how far we have reached this year. There is a lot more in store for Kianda Hockey Team.’

Hockey Team Captain