Scholarship Project - Kianda School

Kianda Foundation celebrated 50 years of service to Kenya in 2011, having been started in 1961 with a focus on the education of women.

One of the Foundation’s Projects, Kianda School, started in 1977, today has over three decades of experience in educating girls to be good citizens and economic movers.  Many of its past students are in key management and civic positions in Kenya and abroad.

Over the years, the Kianda School management has been solely responsible for finding funds to offer bursaries and scholarships to bright but needy girls. This has often been challenging and unsustainable. Consequently a cross section of parents got together and decided to come up with a permanent solution as a way of celebrating the 50 years of the Foundation – an Endowment Fund whose target is Kshs 100 million. The proceeds of this Fund would allow the School to offer scholarships in a sustainable manner, thus offering an opportunity to many gifted girls to learn and prosper.

The brand name for the 50th anniversary fundraising is PEPERUKA, a Swahili word which means ‘to soar up’. This applies both for the girls on scholarship and for their able colleagues, to move on to a new level of education and personal development.  The Parents Fundraising Committee set a goal to the school body to build a ‘Scholarship Wall with 2,000 blocks. Each scholarship block is Ksh 50,000. Each family that buys a scholarship block is named a Peperuka Champion Family.

The Endowment fund began in 2010 with parents, staff and students raising funds. To date, the Endowment Fund is at 41 million.  There are a total of 54 beneficiaries of the Peperuka Fund currently.

In 2014 we had 17 Scholarship students who completed their KCSE and 14 of them qualified to go to University.  In 2015 18 Scholarship students sat their KCSE.  Currently we have 19 Scholarship Students in the school.

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